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1998 Issues

May 1998

  1. Feature Article: Guarding Against Guardianship and Conservatorship
  2. Feature Article: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Applying For a Judgeship
  3. Feature Article: How Much Do You Know About the Constitutional Revisions on the May Ballot
  4. Bar Byets: Technological Dollars and Sense
  5. Professional Responsibility: Thanks But No Thanks - Saying No to a Potential Client

June 1998

  1. Feature Article: Employers Prepare: Arbitration of Statutory Employment Claims
  2. Feature Article: If You Think I'm Arbitrary Here, You Should See Me On the Bench!
  3. Feature Article: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  4. News: 1998 Final Legislative Report
  5. Professional Responsibility: Communication with a Represented Person is Improper Even if the Adverse Attorney Ignores You

July 1998

  1. Feature Article: Step Up to the Plate
  2. Feature Article: U.S. Supreme Court Decision Deals Blow To Legal Services Programs
  3. Feature Article: Nebraska's Legal Services Programs
  4. Feature Article: It's TNL! (Thursday Night Lawyers or, "Painless Pro Bono"
  5. Feature Article: Where is Calcutta, Nebraska?
  6. VLP: Nebraska State Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  7. Professional Responsibility: Dividing Legal Fees - Who Gets a Piece of the Pie?

August 1998

  1. Feature Article: Representation of Children in Custody Disputes
  2. Feature Article: Inns of Court: It's all About Ethics
  3. Feature Article: Norris, the Unicameral and the Practicing Lawyer
  4. Feature Article: The Fate of Poor Jake Davis
  5. Feature Article: "Get Your Red-Hot Web Sites Here?"
  6. Professional Responsibility: California Dreaming 

September 1998

  1. Feature Article: Federalism and the Ethics Fights of the 90's
  2. Feature Article: The Unisys Case and Erisa Section 404(c) Protection
  3. Feature Article: When I Grow Up I Want to Be A Sole Practitioner
  4. Professional Responsibility: Your Ethical Obligation to Report a Fellow Lawyer

October 1998

  1. Feature Article: Why Nebraska Needs Prison Litigation Reform
  2. Feature Article: 1998 Amendments to Nebraska's DUI Laws
  3. Feature Article: Technology - Nebraska Lawyers Just Don't Get It!
  4. Feature Article: All's Well That Ends Well: The Murder Trial of Andrew Hawkins
  5. Feature Article: Lawyers: Are We A Profession In Distress?
  6. Professional Responsibility: Telling the Truth

November 1998

  1. Profile: Striving to Serve-Profile on John M. Guthery
  2. Feature Article: Valuable Risk Management Tool or Road Map for Penalties?
  3. Feature Article : Central Filing System
  4. Feature Article: Government Agency Practice
  5. Feature Article: Bill Drafter: Quick, Accurate and Constitutional
  6. Feature Article: What Software Are you Using?
  7. News: Government Practice Session Seeks Better CLE, Improved Communication and Increased Involvement    

December 1998

  1. Feature Article: Legislations Brings Major Changes in Juvenile Law
  2. Feature Article: Presenting Evidence: Telephone Answering Machine Messages
  3. Feature Article: Attorneys as Warriors
  4. Feature Article: Frank Morrison - "20th Century Pioneer"
  5. Bar Bytes: Bigger, Better, Faster Internet Access
  6. Professional Responsibility: Representing a Mentally Ill Client


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