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1999 Issues

January 1999

  1. Feature Article: Attorney Lutie A. Lytle: Options and Obstacles of a Legal Pioneer
  2. Feature Article: Do African American Women of Today Face The Same Challenges?
  3. Feature Article: Strange, But Not Strangers At All
  4. Feature Article: What's In a Name?
  5. Professional Responsibility: Mike Wallace is Here to See You

February 1999

  1. Feature Article: Corporate Compliance for Health Care Providers
  2. Feature Article: Insurance Fraud: New Statute - Old Crime
  3. Feature Article: Hearts and Flowers, P.C.
  4. Feature Article: How the President Whipped the Wealthy Ranchman
  5. Professional Responsibility: I'm Working On It

March 1999

  1. Feature Article: Representation of Children in Custody Disputes
  2. Feature Article: Youth and Justice - Seize the Future
  3. Feature Article: Moral Bankruptcy - Modeling Appropriate Attorney Behavior
  4. Bar Bytes: My Life as a Dog
  5. Feature Article: A Bad Day on the River
  6. Practice Tips: How to Build Your Practice With Dignity

April 1999

  1. Feature Article: Discovery Under The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Tips & Traps
  2. Feature Article: Fulfilling Our Ethical Duties - Regardless of Client Sexual Orientation
  3. Feature Article: Case Movement in the Appellate Courts of Nebraska and It's Effect on Case Backlog
  4. News: Nebraska To Host National Law Related Event
  5. Professional Responsibility: Ethical Considerations in the Representation of Children

May 1999

  1. Feature Article: Medicaid in Nebraska
  2. Feature Article: Populists, Politics and Prohibition
  3. Feature Article: Reaping the Reward of the Mentoring Experience
  4. Bar Bytes

June 1999

  1. President's Page: Enjoying the Practice of Law and Having a Life - You Can do Both 
  2. Feature Article: Self-Settled Pooled Trust
  3. Feature Article: Top 10 Mediation FAQs
  4. Feature Article: Operation Joint Guard
  5. News: The Nebraska Judicial Branch Web Site
  6. Professional Responsibility:  Preparing for the Worst-What Happens With Ongoing Cases When a Sole Practitioner Dies? 

July 1999

  1. President's Page: Our Justice System - The Public's Perception
  2. Feature Article: Demystifing Impairment Ratings, Disability Evaluations and Independent Medical Evaluation
  3. Feature Article: Hruska's Life Revolved Around the Law
  4. Feature Article: Constantine J. Smyth: Nebraska's Crusading Attorney General
  5. Bar Bytes: Netiquette, Schmetiquette-Can't We All Just Get Along
  6. Professional Responsibility: It's a Civil Matter

August 1999

  1. President's Page: Technology for Nebraska Lawyers 
  2. Feature Article: Cutting Through the Smoke and Smashing the Mirrors: Challenging an Expert's Expertise
  3. Feature Article: How to Get Who You Want Where You Want Them When it's Important in Federal Court
  4. Feature Article: Juror, Excerpts   

September 1999

  1. President's Page: The NSBA Looking to the Future? Through Your Eyes 
  2. Feature Article: Where to File Under the 1998 Revision to Article 9
  3. Feature Article: Suprise! Trial Dangers of Authorizations
  4. Feature Article: Fraud, Forgery and Furor: "The Case" for Women's Suffrage
  5. Bar Bytes: Macros-Not Just Something to Hang on the Wall
  6. Professional Responsibility: Winning at All Costs

October 1999

  1. President's Page: Reflection Through Art
  2. Feature Article: Performing Quality Independent Medical Examinations
  3. Feature Article: Simple Computer Applications For Settlement
  4. News: 1999 Public Service Award Winners
  5. Professional Responsibility: Notaries, Witnesses, and Other Important People

November 1999

  1. President's Page: A Look Back and a Look Forward 
  2. Feature Article: Divorce Etiquette 101
  3. Feature Article: Longo Becomes First Woman to Lead Bar
  4. Feature Article: Public Trust and Confidence in the Courts
  5. Feature Article: A Lawyer's Vocation and Community Service
  6. Bar Bytes: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No! It's Compu-Man!
  7. Professional Responsibility: New Rules Focus on Attorney Who Fail to Pay Child Support

 December 1999

  1. President's Page: A Celebration 100 Hundred Years in the Making 
  2. Feature Article: For the Advancement of the Honor and Dignity of Our Profession: The Nebraska State Bar Association, 1900-2000
  3. Feature Article: Mosses From Some Old Men
  4. Feature Article: Where Do Women Practice
  5. Feature Article: Has Anything Changed?
  6. Feature Article: Cowboy Lawyers Out West
  7. Feature Article: Admission to Practice Law In Nebraska: 1855-1942
  8. Feature Article: From Petticoats to Petitions: The First 100 Women Attorneys in Nebraska
  9. Survey: Do You Know Any of These Women?
  10. Feature Article: "I'm A Gone Rabbit" The Murder and Subsequent Trial of George Jones
  11. Feature Article: Rosalie
  12. Feature Article: The Omaha Riot of 1919
  13. Feature Article: Murder In The Heartland, Starkweather-Fugate, A Personal Memoir
  14. Interview: A Conversation With Chief Justice John Hendry
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