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2002 Issues

January 2002

  1. President's Page: Aging 
  2. Feature Article: Business Method Patents
  3. Feature Article: Advisement of a D.U.I./Refusal Client "101"
  4. Feature Article: Child Support in a Changing World: Implementation of the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center
  5. Feature Article: Third-Party Legal Opinions: Introduction to "Customary Practice"
  6. Bar Bytes: "Spreadsheets-Not Just Another Pretty Face"
  7. The Writer's Block: "Tips for Successful Legal Writing"
  8. In Memoriam

February 2002

  1. President's Page: Perception 
  2. Feature Article: A Lawyer Joins the Peace Corps
  3. Feature Article: Why in the World Are You Still Using Shepard's In-Print?
  4. Feature Article: Addressing the Underwater Option Problem
  5. Feature Article: Key Legal Technology Predictions for 2002
  6. Professional Responsibility: Hiding the Legal Ball-An Attorney's Duty To Disclose Adverse Cases
  7. News: It's a Hard Winter in Nebraska: Appleseed Advocates for Victims of Utilities Shutoffs
  8. In Memoriam

March 2002

  1. President's Page: Spring Cleaning 
  2. Feature Article: Workplace Privacy: Balancing Employer-Employee Rights and Obligations in the Millennium
  3. Feature Article: So You Want to Form a Venture Capital Backed Start-Up Company - What Entity Should You Select?
  4. Feature Article: Nebraska State Bar Association Arbitration of Attorney-Client Fee Disputes Program: One Year Later
  5. A Criminal Waste of Space: Start the Count
  6. Bar Bytes: The Search for Bill Gates' Vault
  7. Professional Responsibility: Think Before You Speak - False Accusations and Cheap Shots Against Judges
  8. Committee and Section News: The Judiciary Committee
  9. Committee and Section News: Come Join Us -Senior Lawyers Section
  10. Committee and Section News: Young Lawyers Section of the NSBA
  11. Practice Pointers: Casemaker
  12. Book Review: "Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel"
  13. In Memoriam

April 2002

  1. President's Page
  2. Feature Article: Workplace Privacy: Balancing Employer-Employee Rights and Obligations in the Millennium (Part II)
  3. Feature Article: New Discovery Rule 34A-Obtaining Nonparty Documents and Inspections Without a Deposition
  4. Feature Article: Non-Punitive Systems for Reporting Medical Errors. Do they Comply With Nebraska Law?
  5. A Criminal Waste of Space: "Move over Mom...and MOMA"
  6. Practice Tips: When in Rome: Hiring and Working With Foreign Legal Counsel
  7. In Memoriam

May 2002

  1. President's Page
  2. Feature Article: Title Insurance: An Overview
  3. Feature Article: Like-Kind Exchanges Under Section 1031
  4. Feature Article: Transfer Tax Liens and Nebraska Real Estate
  5. Feature Article: Conservation Easements: An Effective Planning Tool For Protecting Conservation Values and Reducing Taxation Of Landowners' Estates
  6. A Criminal Waste of Space: "Let Them Eat Yachts"
  7. Bar Bytes: A Phone in The Palm of Your Hand and Other Musings
  8. Professional Responsibility: Trust Account Overdraft Notification Rule To Become Effective July 1, 2002
  9. News: Law Day: Celebrate Your Freedom by Assisting Equal Justice for All
  10. In Memoriam

June 2002

  1. President's Page: Geography 
  2. Feature Article: The Myth Of Open Adoption: The Perils Of Policy
  3. Feature Article: Legal Guardianship Of Juveniles As A Permanency Alternative: Some Legal Considerations
  4. Feature Article: Military Justice: A Singular Opportunity For Significant Service
  5. The Writer's Block: From Love Letters To Contracts, Punctuation Matters
  6. Professional Responsibility: Good to See You
  7. Committe and Section News: NLAP Committee: A Second Chance At Life
  8. NSBA News: Final NSBA Legislative Update
  9. In Memoriam

July 2002

  1. President's Page: Chamber of Horrors
  2. Feature Article: Zoning And Regulation of Livestock Operations: An Outline of Issues
  3. Feature Article: Compiling A Nebraska Legislative History
  4. Feature Article: Five Ways To Be More Efficient At Work
  5. Bar Bytes: Wasting Away Again in Cyberville
  6. Professional Responsibility: What You Tell Me Is Completely Confidential Unless...
  7. Practice Tips: Better Than A Phone Call: NSBA's Online Community
  8. In Memoriam

August 2002

  1. President's Page: Summer Postcards from the Prez 
  2. Feature Article: Advanced Environmental Due Diligence: Now it is Better to be Bona Fide Then Innocent
  3. Feature Article: Nebraska Workforce Development: Focusing on the Employment Needs of Nebraskans
  4. Feature Article: A Bill is Born: The Role of the Revisor of Statutes In the Creation of Statutory Law
  5. Feature Article: A Securities Law Primer: What Every Attorney Should Know to Protect Clients
  6. Professional Responsibility: Catching Up With Lawyers Advertising and Promotion
  7. Committee and Section News: Agriculture Law Section
  8. News: How the Nebraska Legal Services Accessline Works
  9. In Memoriam

September 2002

  1. President's Page: Luck
  2. Feature Article: Notice Pleading Comes to Nebraska: Part I - Pleading Claims for Relief
  3. Feature Article: New Discovery Practices: Obtaining Medical Records Under HIPAA
  4. Feature Article: IRA Roller Upon Death
  5. A Criminal Waste of Space: "The Bedsworth Pygmy Hippo Jailbreak Rule"
  6. Committee and Section News: NLAP Committee-Victory FromDefeat
  7. Bar Bytes: Moving Right Along
  8. In Memoriam

October 2002

  1. President's Page: Halloween - Scary Stuff 
  2. Feature Article: Family Business Entities: IRS Battlelines Redrawn
  3. Feature Article: Charitable Alternatives for Philanthropic Families
  4. Feature Article: Trustee Duties Under the Prudent Investor Rule
  5. Feature Article: Nebraska's Revised Estate Tax
  6. Feature Article: Life Insurance - Maximizing Its Use in the Estate Planning Process
  7. Feature Article: Notice Pleading Comes to Nebraska: Part II
  8. Professional Responsibility: "Who's Going to Take Their Place?"
  9. In Memoriam

November 2002

  1. President's Page: Professionalism-Our Core Values 
  2. Feature Article: Notice Pleading Comes to Nebraska Part III - Odds and Ends
  3. Feature Article: Effectively and Legally Raising Private Capital Online
  4. Feature Article: Adoptions!
  5. Bar Bytes - "Say What You Want - It's Still Dictation"
  6. Professional Responsibility: "For Those Who Cannot Hit Curve Balls"
  7. Feature Article: Real Estate - New Form (Seller Property Condition Disclosure Statement)
  8. NSBA Rule Change
  9. In Memoriam

December 2002

  1. President's Page: Count Our Blessings 
  2. Feature Article: It's Time for Antitrust Law to Come to the Prairie
  3. Feature Article: The Battle for Blackbird Bend
  4. Feature Article: Disgruntled Employees in Your Law Firm: The Enemy Within
  5. Professional Responsibility: "Miss Tevebaugh Was Right"
  6. Practice Tips: Test Your Knowledge of Professional Liability Insurance
  7. News: A Wonderful Attorney's Life
  8. News: NSBA 102nd Annual Meeting
  9. In Memoriam
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