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2006 Issues

January (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: The Legislature and Other Thoughts
  2. Feature Article: Medicare Basics in Workers' Compensation Cases - Downstream Two Years
  3. Feature Article: "Borrowing: Help? - Using Conflicts of Law to Aid Clients and Lawyers
  4. Feature Article: Weighted Caseload Study
  5. Feature Article: Life, Law and the Legislature
  6. Practice Pointers: Changes to Secretary of State's UCC Central Filing System
  7. Bar Bytes: The Return of CompuMan!
  8. Delegate's Report: House Update
  9. Annual Meeting Photos
  10. Transitions
  11. In Memoriam
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. NSBA News
  14. NSBF News
  15. Court News

February (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Checks and Balances
  2. Letter from the Publications Chair: Help Needed!
  3. Feature Article: Ignorance is No Longer Bliss
  4. Feature Article: Characteristics of Successful Law Firms
  5. Feature Article: Water Law Changes and Their Effects on the State of the State
  6. Feature Article: Three Strikes and You're Out: Judges Talk About Technology in the Courtroom
  7. Practice Tip: How Effective Are Your Delegating Skills?
  8. Practice Tip: Preparing for the Unexpected: Anticipate and Plan for Law Office Disasters
  9. Book Review: Omaha Lawyer Gets "Surprise" Billing in Mystery Novel
  10. Professional Responibility: Your Duty to Report Ethical Violations
  11. NSBA Calendar
  12. Transitions
  13. VLP Thanks
  14. NSBF News
  15. CFI News
  16. Court News

March (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Success, Sadness, Commitment
  2. Feature Article: LLC Membership Interests as Collateral for a Loan and Strict Foreclosure Thereon
  3. Feature Article: Roadmap to Securities Law Compliance for Private Companies
  4. Feature Article: Some Key Issues in Internet and Technology Law Today
  5. Feature Article: Protecting Minority Interests in a Limited Liability Company
  6. Professional Responsiblity: Pit Bulls and Cowl Lamps
  7. Book Review: Book Examines Life of Children With Parents Behind Bars
  8. NSBA Calendar
  9. Transitions
  10. Letters to the Editor
  11. In Memoriam
  12. Court News
  13. Classified Ads

April (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Integrity--Independence and the Judicary
  2. Feature Article: Getting the Deal Done Right
  3. Feature Article: Insurance Coverage for Construction Project
  4. Feature Article: Warranties in Construction
  5. Feature Article: Construction Payment Bonds
  6. Practice Tips: Effective Oral Arguments: Thoughts on Appellate Advocacy
  7. NSBA Calendar
  8. NSBA Statements of Financial Position
  9. Transitions
  10. Letter to the Editor
  11. In Memoriam
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. NSBA News
  14. CFI News
  15. Court News
  16. Legal Community News
  17. Classified Ads

May (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Renewal Thoughts
  2. Feature Article: Immigration 101
  3. Feature Article: Recent Efforts to Make Nebraska Juries More Representative of Their Communities
  4. Feature Article: Community Economic Development Comes to Creighton Civil Clinic
  5. Feature Article: Nebraska Efforts to Ensure Equal Access to Justice
  6. Feature Article: Let's Get Pushy!-Nebraska Attorney Moving to India to Push for Justice
  7. Feature Article: How to Get the Most From Working With a Court Interpreter
  8. Feature Article: Poverty As It Relates to Access to Justice-Why Your Help is Needed
  9. From the Courts: Buder: The Eighth Circuit and the Doctrine of Equitable Recoupment
  10. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  11. Transitions
  12. Letter to the Editor
  13. VLP Thanks/In Memoriam
  14. NSBA News
  15. Classified Ads

June (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: NSBA Update
  2. Feature Article: Making a Vision a Reality-Mediation in Nebraska
  3. Feature Article: The Attorney's Role in Representing Clients Engaged in the Mediation Process
  4. Feature Article: Mediation and ADR Education in Nebraska
  5. Feature Article: LB 654 and the Current State of Joint Custody in Nebraska
  6. Feature Article: Preemptive Relationships of the Federal Arbitration Act and Nebraska Uniform Arbitration Act
  7. News From the Area: Creighton's New Werner Institute Serves Dispute Resolution Needs
  8. Delegate' Report: House of Delegates Update
  9. Professional Responsibility: Zealous Advocacy or Dirty Tricks?
  10. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  11. Transitions
  12. In Memoriam
  13. VLP Thanks
  14. NSBA News
  15. CFI News
  16. Classified Ads

July (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: The Art of the Appeal
  2. Feature Article: Appellate Practice in Nebraska: A Primer
  3. Practitioner's Checklist: Help — My Brief is Due in 15 Days, Now What Do I Do?
  4. Feature Article: Final Argument: That Eloquence of Diction; That Poetry of Imagination; That Brillance of Metaphor
  5. Feature Article: Credits to Our Profession - A Frank and Far-Reaching Interview with Judge Lyle E. Strom and Judge William J. Riley (Part One of Two)
  6. Professional Responsibility: Unchartered Waters
  7. Nebraska Ethics Advisory Opinion For Lawyers No. 06-1 and No. 06-2
  8. Transitions
  9. In Memoriam
  10. CFI News
  11. NSBF News
  12. VLP Thanks
  13. Classified Ads

August (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: MCLE Update; Budget Reserves and Dues
  2. Feature Article: When Church Meets State: Who Owns the Local Church?
  3. Feature Article: Credits to Our Profession - A Frank and Far-Reaching Interview with Judge Lyle E. Strom and Judge William J. Riley (Part Two of Two)
  4. Feature Article: Grandma Was Right: Manners Are Important
  5. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  6. Transitions
  7. VLP Thanks
  8. NSBA News
  9. Classified Ads

September (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Compliments, Evaluations, and Understanding
  2. Feature Article: U.S. Supreme Court Broadens Title VII Retaliation Claims
  3. Feature Article: Third Circuit Reaffirms Punitive Nature of WARN Damages
  4. Feature Article: Who is That Employee ~ Really?
  5. Feature Article: Managing Employee Leave Requests Under the FMLA and ADA
  6. Feature Article: Can Employees Bring Guns to Work?
  7. Feature Article: Hidden Handguns at Work? The Impact of L.B. 454
  8. Professional Responsibility: Is That Your Final Answer?
  9. Nebraska Ethics Advisory Opinion for Lawyers No. 06-3
  10. Transitions
  11. In Memoriam
  12. NSBA News and Legal Community News
  13. Court News

October (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Dear John
  2. Feature Article: Overview of Protection Orders in Nebraska
  3. Feature Article: Ethics in Briefs
  4. Feature Article: The Emerging Life Settlement Industry: What Attorneys Should Know
  5. Practice Tip : Ahoy, Mate! Where's the Admiral(ty)?
  6. Practice Tip: Prepare for E-Discovery in Four Easy Steps
  7. Bar Bytes: CompuMan Confidental
  8. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  9. Transitions
  10. In Memoriam
  11. VLP Thanks
  12. Legal Community News
  13. Classified Ads

November / December (Entire Issue)

  1. President's Page: Before, Present and Yet to Come
  2. Feature Article: The Guardian Ad Litem: Parent for the Child in Juvenile Court Proceedings
  3. Feature Article: Game Promotions: So Many Ways to Lose
  4. Feature Article: Six Perils of Retirement
  5. Book Review: Business and Commerical Litigation in Federal Courts: A Useful Resource
  6. NSBA News: Year of Juror Campaign Comes to a Close
  7. Professional Responsibility: Who's In Charge
  8. Nebraska Ethics Advisory Opinion for Lawyers No. 06-07
  9. NSBA/NCLE Calendar
  10. Letter to the Editor
  11. Transitions
  12. In Memoriam
  13. VLP Thanks
  14. NSBA News
  15. NSBF News
  16. Court News
  17. Legal Community News
  18. Classified Ads



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