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The Attorney Services Division of the Nebraska Supreme Court maintains the official roster of attorneys licensed in Nebraska. You can access their search via this link:

The NSBA search below is updated frequently, but is not the official roster. Use the fields below to search for an attorney. To do a wide search, select Match "Any" of the fields at the bottom of the search form. To narrow your search, select "All".


  • This search will return only members of the NSBA  who are maintaining ACTIVE licenses that are in GOOD STANDING i.e. they are ABLE to practice
    law in Nebraska State Courts.
  • Search function for attorneys who are Non-Active (includes Former Members and Inactive Members).
  • Public Disciplinary Orders against a Nebraska Attorney are available on the Nebraska Judicial Branch website.
  • If you are a MEMBER of the NSBA you may log-in and use the Member Directory Search, which contains a full listing of all Active and Inactive members of the NSBA.
  • If an attorney is NOT on the list that SHOULD BE, please contact the Webmaster with the Name, Bar Number and City of the missing attorney.



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